You might not know me, as I'm only an occasional commenter, but I've been around here for about three years now. I remember you getting involved here, becoming a well known and well liked commenter, and being a generally caring and interesting commenter here. There were the occasional moments of drama, but nothing out of the norm. You were kind and encouraging to other commenters, and when you disagreed you could do so respectfully and calmly.

What happened? I know that things have been pretty shitty for you lately, but this behaviour is completely unexpected and outside of character for you. Whatever the problem is, the solution isn't to turn on other people here. If being on this site is destructive for you, you *can* leave. You have the power to do that. Are you alright? If you don't have the help you need right now, is there anyone at all you can turn to?

Please don't take this as me attacking you. I'm genuinely concerned for your health right now.

To everyone else: Please stop getting into playground shouting matches. We can be more mature than this. We can be a better community.